Hi and thank you for taking the time and visiting this site.  ‘An Integrated Approach To Sustainable Farming’  is about our journey in establishing a Farm ( from scratch) that utilises a combination of valued farming principles, practices and techniques; that collectively, I trust will help us in achieving a permanent, sustainable and ecological Farm.  Like many other interested Farmers and Gardeners alike, our research has guided us to many different types of sustainable farming methods.  We research pretty hard, ask and seek guidance for every element or project that we take on, in the hope we make little mistakes as possible along the way and achieve the best outcome.  We will give it a good crack and extremely fortunate and lucky to have found sustainable and ecological practices in the form of:

  • Permaculture
  • Holistic Management 
  • Regenerative Agriculture / Farming 
  • Natural Sequence Farming
  • Keyline (P.A  Yeoman’s)
  • Soil Food Web
  • Rotational Grazing

I am certainly no expert with limited practical farming experience prior to start.  Essentially, theory to application so please take this into consideration if you review the content.  I am just a newbie; nevertheless, believe we have achieved some excellent outcomes thus far.    

The aim of this site is to provide a single reference of my journey and hope that any new farmers might find our journey interesting.  Likewise, if you have any guidance or ideas please share.  Thanks to all my Family and Friends ( past and present) that have supported this dream.   

                                                              Macleay Valley NSW (Near Bellbrook)

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